Most people think they need to undergo several tests to know if they are positive for Covid-19. This is general confusion. You don't have to go through many trials of varying quality. There are two types of tests performed to diagnose active viral infection; PCR tests and antigen tests.

PCR (polymerase chain reaction) Tests are considered highly accurate tests to analyze bodily fluid samples at the molecular level. The test is performed to detect the presence of the virus's genetic material.

PCR tests are said to be 99 percent accurate if appropriately performed. While performing the test, the samples are carefully taken to be processed in a high standard certified lab with excellent equipment, scalable technology, and robotic automation.

Antigen Tests help identify the presence of proteins associated with Covid-19 while analyzing the bodily fluid samples at the early stages of the Covid-19 virus. They give accurate results in the initial stage when the virus is highest in the body. However, unlike PCR tests, they could diagnose false positives and false negatives as the infection lose intensity.

The FDA has recently recommended performing additional PCR tests with antigen tests to confirm the results' accuracy.


Sample collection is an essential part of the Covid-19 test. It plays a vital role in the accuracy of the test. In both PCR and Antigen tests, samples are collected by swabbing the nostrils (and sometimes oral/saliva testing).

Nasal swab tests are done in different ways. Some perform it by sampling deep in the nasal cavity, whereas some just swab inside the nose. Swabbing deeper is better as it will get the accurate volume of the COVID-19 virus. It increases the sensitivity and accuracy of the test.

Saliva testing is believed to be more comfortable than nasal swabs. However, it is also considered less accurate by some experts, especially when the patient is asymptomatic.


At Mobile Covid Services, we apply both nasal and oral swabs testing methods to collect samples. The samples are tested carefully at our labs.

We don't compromise on health, and that's why our test results are always more than 99% accurate.

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    We offer the Covid-19 testing services with a 24-hours result guarantee in NYC, NJ, Upstate NY, and the Long Island area. The staff at Mobile Covid Services is well trained and familiar with sample collection and handling protocols issued by the FDA. All SOPs communicated by international healthcare bodies are followed while performing the test! The samples collected by our staff are checked in our high-standard labs. The results are sent to the patient within 24 hours.

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