Mobile Covid Services is a professional Covid-19 testing service provider in Denver, Colorado. Since our emergence, we have helped many surgical and medical centers, private sectors, and large corporations with fast and accurate Covid-19 PCR and antigen tests.

Mobile Covid Services has been offering easy access to Covid-19 testing from the comfort of your home. Quick, easy, and hassle-free sample collection is our top priority, and helping people continuing their everyday activities is our mission.

The at-home Covid-19 testing is performed using an approved sample collection and handling protocols. Our certified professionals pay house visits to collect patients' samples in a safe environment, wearing necessary PPE, and following all the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Our rapid, stress-free, and affordable mobile testing methods make us different from others. The two-way test samples, including nasal PCR and oral swabs, are processed in our high-quality lab. Patients receive their reports in not more than 24 hours.

We are providing our testing services in New York City, New Jersey, Upstate New York, and Long Island.

Now, you do not have to wait for hours in the queue to get yourself tested for Covid-19. Our medical concierge care services eliminate the hassle of acquiring quick medical consultations.

Easy Access to Medical Consultation and Services

Our specialized concierge practices offer you 24/7 access to medical care providers. Our services are not limited to Covid-19 testing and reporting – we provide easy medical concierge care to educate you about taking care of yourself and your loved ones to prevent further proliferation of the disease.

In-house Specialization

Our in-house team of expert medical professionals has enabled our specialization ability in testing for Covid-19 infection. We save you the time and hassle to drive by a specialist to get tested – our team follows all SOPs communicated by international healthcare advocates and provides you top-quality medical services at-home.

Virtual Correspondence

Speaking of emails and calls, these types of communication mediums can spare you the hassle of rushing to the doctor for simple medical concerns. Our specialized concierge care services are good at dealing with simple matters with ease and professionalism.

Care Coordination

Our healthcare coordination aims to bridge the communication gap between healthcare providers, specialists, and patients. We streamline your conversations to guarantee every healthcare procedure steers towards a healthy way of life!

We can also help you schedule appointments with healthcare providers and educate you about how your health condition can be managed better with proactive preventive measures.


Our at-home Covid-19 testing services are offered to different institutions in the US, including:

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    • Private Sectors
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